Our Workshops help individuals develop and sharpen their verbal abilities. In each session, students complete a series of targeted exercises that address areas of difficulty. We encourage students to express ideas orally and compose short essays. Both student and instructor participate in collaborative edits designed to increase the paper’s quality as well as the author’s skill. In subsequent meetings, we work on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. We reveal useful writing techniques and demonstrate practical methods by which one can attain eloquence.

At the advanced stage, we focus on logic, evidence, rhetoric, and persuasion. We teach clients to analyze and compare the relative strength of arguments supporting a certain proposition. We incorporate ideas and techniques established by a variety of sources, from the scholars of classical antiquity to modern award-winning authors. We enable writers to distill their positions and see which points are strongest and why, and we help students utilize the appropriate voice for each context. We even explain the strategic considerations involved in choosing which points to make and the best sequence in which to make them. Participants learn winning methods of organization and presentation, how to avoid logical fallacies, when to incorporate (and when to avoid) emotive appeals, as well as the effective use of understatement, humor, and satire.

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