Bonus Points Tutoring works with students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to earn straight A’s or just survive a particularly difficult course, we have the resources, talent, and experience to help you succeed. We offer the following services:


Our expert tutors explain difficult material and help pupils overcome academic challenges. Both private sessions and group rates are available.


Academic Skills Improvement

We help clients develop an effective skill set, including productive study habits, successful test-tasking strategies, and efficient organizational systems.


Study Guides

We create personalized study guides and practice quizzes geared to the material each student is learning. Our English and History students in particular find it helpful to review reader-friendly synopses of complex literary works and historical eras.

School Projects

From the content to the presentation, we can help you create jaw-dropping projects that amaze your teachers and leave your classmates green with envy. If you’ve always wanted peers to ooh and ahh over your projects but lacked the time and resources necessary to garner a spectacular response, let us help!


SAT, ACT, GRE, & LSAT Preparation

Our staff works closely with students of all ages to excel on standardized tests. Whether you’re a high school student hoping for admission to your dream college, an adult working toward a post-graduate degree, or a junior school student striving to excel on the TIP exam, we can help you maximize your scores.


College Counseling

Whether you’re interested in a local college, a Texas state school, or a prestigious national university, we can help you gain acceptance. Prior to your junior year, we’ll advise you on selecting classes and extracurricular activities. We’ll strategize with you about how to maximize standardized test scores. As college application deadlines near, our experienced staff will help you finalize your documents, including stellar essays, personal statements, and resumes.

Essay & Speech Editing Service

Whether you’re writing a class assignment, a speech for competition, a scholarship application, a piece for publication, or a college admissions essay, our experienced editors can help you express your ideas professionally and elegantly.


Writing Workshop

Effective communication is a life skill that's vital throughout your academic and professional career. Whether you seek to achieve better grades on essays or to advance at work, our one-on-one workshop will help you develop as a writer.


Early Development

Do you have an exceptionally bright elementary school student? Do you want to give him or her every opportunity to succeed? We work with gifted young students to develop the mental processes they need to excel academically and professionally. We employ a variety of methods to keep the sessions fun, stimulating, and educational.

Resume & Cover Letter Editing Service

We can help you craft an exemplary resume and superior cover letters for job, scholarship, or college applications. Our knowledgeable staff works with clients on all stages of the process, from conceptualization to creation, editing, polishing, and formatting.


Long-Distance Help

Bonus Points Tutoring is pleased to introduce long-distance academic counseling. No matter where you're located, we can meet your tutoring and editing needs!


Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Help

Do you struggle with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, or dysgraphia? We can help! Bonus Points has a certified instructor/counselor on staff to help students triumph over these and other learning challenges. We offer private ability screening, and we teach students customized techniques for overcoming these difficulties.