We work with students in all levels of both regular and honors classes on vocabulary.

Students benefit greatly from hearing the story behind a word, and our vocabulary expert is an accomplished master of language. Instead of simply reciting definitions, he explores each term’s usage history and etymology. He expands students’ vocabularies by cataloguing and explaining a range of exact and inexact synonyms and antonyms. For example, he might describe a specific word’s first known appearance and give examples of how it’s been employed by distinguished writers and thinkers. Occasionally, he cites amusing examples of words’ misuse by ill-informed celebrities and politicians. In our experience, vocabulary exercises become more interesting and much more effective when taught by a linguistic historian.

We also offer a Study Guide Service. Our vocabulary expert can create customized exercises and quizzes. Many students prefer to utilize this service either in conjunction with or in place of tutoring. Please click here for more information.