Most students encounter moments when the considerable volume of material they’re asked to study becomes intimidating. For example, within a typical classic literary work lurk a multitude of plot details, allusions, tones, subtext, stylistic techniques, dates, names, characters, and themes to learn – not to mention biographical information about author. In History classes, one must memorize key events, the reasons they occurred, what resulted from them, as well as the famous and infamous figures that influenced them. Success in math and science requires fluency with innumerable concepts, processes, formulas, diagrams, equations, and problem types. Multiply this mass of information by the number of classes on your schedule and the total amount seems crushing!

We create concise, accurate, and insightful study guides for a wide range of topics. In a short, easy-to-read summary, you get all the factual and interpretative information necessary to ace tests and papers. If you need a study guide on a specific topic, just ask! Chances are good we can take care of you.

Particular areas of expertise include:

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World History   Statistics
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Physics   Government
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We also offer study guides that increase one’s English vocabulary. In addition to terms’ definitions, we include information about each word’s history, origin, and usage. We list synonyms, antonyms, and helpful memory hints designed to increase performance on standardized tests.

No matter where you live, we can send you a study guide tailored to your individual needs.  Please contact us for more information.