Bonus Points’ multifaceted approach helps students enrich vocabulary, improve verbal comprehension, and sharpen content-area reading skills. A customized reading plan builds each pupil’s word knowledge and provides a context within which they can better comprehend the text they read. These tools empower students to succeed in high school classes, on college entrance exams, and at the university level. We conduct an IRI, or “Individual Reading Inventory,” to target our coaching to each learner’s critical zones. This “Personalized Reading Program” approach has a documented history of producing results.

Sessions incorporate vocabulary instruction and guided reading practice. In a 1-to-1 setting, the student will:

· Develop the ability to comprehend written texts

· Internalize strategies for decoding unfamiliar words

· Discover how to interpret confusing terms

· Anticipate the ways in which a writer utilizes information

· Learn analytical techniques to improve comprehension