Just studying isn’t always enough to earn top grades. Mastery is not derived from simply pouring over the material; one must put the ideas into use. Bonus Points’ sample questions and practice quizzes enable learners to measure their familiarity with the material and gauge how ready they are for an upcoming exam. These exercises help students and instructors avoid wasting time on comfortable topics.  Instead, we focus on zones of weakness and difficult concepts.

We create practice questions and quizzes tailored to our students’ individual needs. Particular areas of expertise include:

English:   Mathematics:
Classic Literature   Algebra
Modern Literature   Geometry
Poetry   Algebra II
Plays   Trigonometry
History:   Pre-Calculus
World History   Statistics
U.S. History   Calculus
European History   Social Sciences:
Science:   Art History
Chemistry   Law
Physics   Government
General Science   Philosophy

If you need practice questions in a discipline not listed here, just ask! Please contact us to request practice questions designed with you in mind.