The First Session

It’s vital to proceed cautiously when selecting your child’s professional tutor. A review of credentials and objective qualifications is usually sufficient to establish the tutor’s mastery of the underlying material, such as calculus, chemistry, philosophy, or world history. Yet parents must also investigate less tangible elements, such as a specific tutor’s ability to teach and/or the quality of communication between an instructor and pupil. A trusting, amiable relationship is fundamental to all successful tutoring partnerships. Accordingly, we understand that many parents appreciate the opportunity to experience a trial session before committing to our complete tutoring program. At Bonus Points, each tutoring student is welcome to attend his or her initial session without committing to a regular appointment.  (Does not apply to SAT/ACT students.)

Regular Clients

Academic achievement is maximized when students adhere to a regular schedule. For this reason, Bonus Points’ students commit to attend regular (weekly) tutoring appointments. A student’s commitment begins with his or her first regular appointment and the commitment continues through the school year's end unless terminated in writing. Terminations must be made with at least 30 days notice.  To simplify accounting and logistics, customers pay at the beginning of each month. We accept payment by check and in cash.


As a session nears, it becomes increasingly difficult to re-organize schedules around a cancellation. Accordingly, Bonus Points Tutoring does not provide credits or refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours of the beginning of a scheduled appointment. Customers who email a cancellation with 24-48 hours notice earn a floating, half-hour credit toward future tutoring. Customers who email with more than 48 hours notice earn a floating, hour credit toward future tutoring.  Make-up credits can be used any time until the end of the semester or until the student ceases regular sessions, whichever comes first.

Cancellations made over the phone, text, or in person will not generate credits; to receive credit, you must email a cancellation.

Credit Expiration

Tutoring credits acquired during the school year expire on the last day of finals at each semester’s end or the last day of a student's regular sessions, whichever comes first. Tutoring credits earned over the summer expire on the 1st day of the fall term.

SAT/ACT credits expire one year from the date of the first lesson unless explicitly specified otherwise in writing.

Hours are not Interchangeable

SAT and ACT prep is separate from academic tutoring and college counseling; test prep hours cannot be exchanged for tutoring or college counseling hours or vice versa.


Tutoring, test prep, and college counseling sessions may be conducted in person or via Skype at Bonus Points' discretion.  

Late Payments & Returned Checks

Payment is expected on the 1st day of the relevant month unless specified otherwise in writing by Bonus Points. Payments received ten (10) or more calendar days late will incur a LATE PAYMENT FEE equal to five percent (5%) of the original payment due. Accounts more than thirty (30) calendar days past due may be subject to collections in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

There is a $25 fee for returned checks, including checks that are rejected for insufficient funds, checks that are made out to the wrong entity, etc.

Expense Reports

Detailed billing records and documentation are available by request. The price for each expense report/ payment history is $45.

Communication by Email Preferred

We ask clients to communicate by email as much as possible; a written record helps all parties avoid confusion, and electronic communication allows us to respond much faster. We reply to emails received within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response from us within that timeframe, assume that the email did not transmit and please follow up with a phone call.