We work with students in all levels of both regular and honors classes in World History, European History, and United States History. We also have a professional economist who works with students in Economics (please click here for more information) and an attorney who works with students in U.S. Government and Political Science (please click here for more information).

Our history expert is a terrific story-teller who makes history come alive! Utilizing a natural, conversational approach, he enlivens dry historical data with fascinating tales, trivia, and anecdotes. We go far beyond the dates and names listed in most textbooks. In addition to discussing a period’s major events and historical figures, we place those events and individuals in a coherent global context. We identify connections between meaningful actions and explain the causes and consequences of each. We provide a detailed examination of historic events’ ramifications and explain the manner in which human relationships and motivations have shaped our world.

Although many students come to us with a pronounced dislike for history, our approach often engenders more than mere tolerance for the subject. Frequently, we ignite a passion for history that surprises parents, teachers, and even the students!

We also offer a Study Guide Service. Our history expert can create a written summary for any specific historical period, event, and/or person. Many students prefer to take advantage of this service either in conjunction with or in place of tutoring. Please click here for more information.