We assist with every level of regular and honors English. Our expert tutor helps students understand works in all literary genres including novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, and drama.

When most students read literature, they don’t see beyond the page. Typical readers can discern a work’s basic plot, settings, and the characters’ motivations. But much of the information encoded in the work’s sentences and stanzas remains invisible.

At Bonus Points Tutoring, we help students see beyond the page. In addition to highlighting standard literary elements, we reveal subtext and hidden meanings. We present each work’s historical and political context as well as a summary of the author’s background and biography. What’s more, we explain allusions, references, and connections to classical mythology, ancient history, and other writings.

With so much data to digest, one might imagine that our literature sessions feel like lectures. To the contrary, most students describe the experience as akin to spending time in conversation with a master story-teller. Our literature expert keeps even the most boring assignments lively by communicating the relevant information in interesting and enlightening ways.

We also offer a Study Guide Service. Our expert can provide a detailed overview of any noted literary work. Many students take advantage of this service either in conjunction with or in place of tutoring; please click here for more information.