Since one of our mathematics experts also happens to be a gifted chemistry tutor, many students use sessions with her to obtain help on both math and science questions.

Chemistry and Physics involve a mix of math and concept. It’s not surprising that our mathematics experts excel in teaching students how to set up and solve equations and conversions. Just as they have a natural gift for explaining the principles behind mathematical equations, they can explain mathematical concepts in science with fluency. What may be surprising, though, is that one of our expert also has a talent for explaining the non-math side of the sciences. When possible, our expert uses demonstrations to bring science to life!

Our chemistry and physics tutors help clients understand questions that arise in class, in homework assignments, and in the process of test preparation, but they also teach upcoming material, enabling our students to stay ahead of the class.

Bonus Points does offer a Study Guide Service in Chemistry and Physics. We can create an overview of nearly any topic within these disciplines, and many students prefer to take advantage of this service either in conjunction with or in place of tutoring. Please contact us for more information.